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Destination/destino 1-2 T-shirts
1-2 camisetas
3-6 T-shirts
3-6 camisetas
7+ T-shirts
7+ camisetas
Spain peninsula/España peninsula 3.50 euros 5.50 euros 4.50 euros
Balearic Islands/Islas Baleares 3.50 euros 5.50 euros 4.50 euros
Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla/
Islas Canarias, Ceuta, Melilla
3.50 euros 5.50 euros 4.50 euros
Europe Union/Unión Europea 8.50 euros 12.50 euros 14.00 euros
Rest of Europe – No EU/
Resto de Europea – No UE
6.10 euros 9.90 euros 12.00 euros

1 T-shirt
1 camiseta
2 T-shirts
2 camisetas
3 T-shirts
3 camisetas
4-7 T-shirts
4-7 camisetas
8+ T-shirts
8+ camisetas
Rest of world/
Resto de países
5.25 euros 9.60 euros 13.50 euros 19.35 euros 24.00 euros

Approximate delivery time/
dias de entrega (aproximadamente)
Spain peninsula/
España peninsula
3-5 days/3-5 días
Balearic Islands/
Islas Baleares
4-7 days/4-7 días
Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla/
Islas Canarias, Ceuta, Melilla
6-10 days/6-10 días
Europe Union/
Unión Europea
4-8 days/4-8 días
United States/EEUU 10-14 days/10-14 días
Rest of world/
Resto del mundo
According to country/
según país

International Orders
short and dulce ships worldwide. Prices on our site are in Euros. Please consult your local bank or a currency exchange webpage if you need currency conversion details for countries other than Spain. The recipient of the package will be responsible (if applicable) for all inbound customs duties, taxes, tariffs, processing fees and related costs. These amounts are NOT included in the purchase price or shipping costs of the items.